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FREEZER REPAIRIf you took an audit of your household appliances and ranked the according to importance, your freezer would most likely rank among the top five. Freezers are designed mainly to keep your food fresh for much longer than they would usually have lasted without artificial cooling. That means you can buy meat, fish, veggies, fruits and dairy products in bulk and minimize the number of times you need to visit the grocery store. For those who own food businesses and grocery stores, commercial freezers help preserve food products until they are bought by customers. To get the most out of these hardworking appliances for as long as possible, it is imperative to take good care of them. One of the ways to do that is by dealing with any defect that attack your appliance ASAP.

Top Freezer Defects You Need to Look Out For

Freezer come in dozens of brands and models, but these appliances typically face the same kind of repair issues in the course of their lifetimes. These issues include:

  • The freezer is not powering
  • The defrosting mechanism of the appliance doesn’t work
  • There’s a problem with the door of the freezer
  • The freezer makes a lot of noise
  • The temperature controls of the appliance are defective
  • The seals of the freezer are broken
  • The appliance is leaking water
  • The freezer’s cycling off feature doesn’t work properly

As soon as you become aware of any of these issues in your freezer, you need to act quickly before it gets worse and damages some other part of the appliance. A freezer that has trouble coming on or which won’t cool at all serves no purpose in your home or business. In just a day or so, a lot of the food stored in the freezer starts to go bad, and the loss could be substantial. A fridge that’s too noisy or which leaks water, even when it can cool, is still a nuisance in your home. So what should you do?

The Best Remedy for Freezer Defects

Malfunctions in your freezer can be addressed in one of two main ways. The first approach is to replace the defective appliance with a brand new one. The main challenge with this approach is that it requires you to spend several hundred dollars or more, and that’s not always possible. Besides, most freezer malfunctions can be easily and affordably repaired, provided you are working with a professional appliance repair technician. You can contact us at Northridge Appliance Repair the moment you notice a defect in your freezer.

Why Choose Us?

Northridge Appliance Repair is your one stop shop for appliance repair and maintenance needs. Thanks to our vastly experienced team of technicians, we can guarantee a lasting solution for even the toughest repair issue your freezer may be experiencing.  All our technicians are EPA certified, which means your freezer is in the hands of a professional.

While our technical competence is a cut above the rest, it is in our excellent service delivery that we take most pride in. We always guarantee our customers same-day service so they don’t have to endure another day without their beloved appliances. As soon as we receive your call or text for service, we immediately dispatch the most suitable technician to tackle your problem to your doorstep. Our expert will first assess your freezer to ascertain its problem and then recommend a lasting solution for it. The technician also provides an all-inclusive estimate for the repair costs. With us, you always get the best rates in town, and there are never hidden costs. If you are happy with the quote, our technician will get to work on the spot and in no time, your freezer should be functioning perfectly. We always use top quality replacement parts in case you appliance needs some. As soon as we’ve restored your appliance, we clean up the area. We want the every appointment to be as smooth for you as possible.

Brands We Repair

Some of the brands our accomplished experts can comfortably handle include Hotpoint, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Sub-Zero, SEARS, Roper, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, ARS, Thermador, Amana, Tappan, Caloric, Samsung, White-Westinghouse, ASKO, BOSCH Viking, U-Line, WOLF, Rheem, and dozens more.

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