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oven repairOvens come in a wide variety of designs, brands and features, and you can always get the right appliance to suit your cooking preferences. For those who prefer home cooked meals, the oven is one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. In fact, most people use their oven at least once every day. In hotels, restaurants and other food businesses, oven play a huge role in the preparation of hundreds of meals each day. With all that work, it’s only natural that your oven would experience wear and, consequently, occasional defects that you need to address. Knowing what defects are most likely to affect your oven is the best way to prepare for them so you can deal with them the moment they occur.

Top Oven Repair Issues to Watch Out For

Ovens are complex appliances that are susceptible to a variety of repair issues. Some of the commonest defects you need to prepare for include:

  • The oven has trouble coming on and turning off
  • The appliance is overheating
  • The temperature controls are defective
  • The oven doesn’t heat up at all
  • The appliance takes too long to heat
  • The digital displays of the freezer are broken
  • Your oven’s timer is defective
  • One or more of the heating elements is not working
  • The gas supply controls are malfunctioning
  • The oven lights are broken
  • The appliance has electrical wiring issues
  • The boiler isn’t functioning properly
  • The oven’s door is broken

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, it is important to take prompt action. Oven defects can quickly escalate when ignored. Besides, once your oven has trouble coming on or fails to bake properly, it is no longer useful to you at home. If you run a restaurant or hotel, a broken oven can affect key activities in your kitchen and lose you revenue and clients. When your oven has electrical or leaks gas, then it’s a big fire hazard that puts you and the people around you in danger. These are just some of the reasons you need to tackle defects in your oven promptly.

What to Do When Your Oven Is Defective

For some people, the first thing that comes to mind when the oven is defective is to replace the appliance with a new one. The financial implications of this move, otherwise, can be inhibiting. A decent household oven can set you back several hundred dollars, while top of the line commercial ovens cost as much as ten thousand dollars. Fortunately, most oven defects can be repaired. Professional oven repair is usually much faster and more affordable compared to investing in a new oven. You can contact us at Northridge Appliance Repair if your oven is giving your trouble. We guarantee to troubleshoot it and restore it to perfect working order.

Why Choose Us

Through the years, Northridge Appliance Repair has been the top appliance repair and maintenance provider to residents of Northridge and its environs. We also service cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the region. We have a team of highly dedicated appliance repair technicians who are happy to provide lasting solutions to any defect your oven has, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. Our technicians are not only vastly experienced, but also EPA certified. Therefore, you can be sure that your oven is in the right hands. We highly value top notch appliance customer service. Once you call us, we immediately dispatch a competent technician to your doorstep to help you out. Our expert first assesses your oven carefully to ascertain its problem and recommends the best solution for it. They also give you an all-inclusive quote for the repair expenses. As you’ll find out, our charges are very pocket-friendly. Once you give our technician the greenlight to proceed with the repairs, they’ll get started and in no time, your oven should be functioning perfectly again.

Brands We Can Repair

Our experts can conduct repairs on commercial and household appliances from all the leading brands in the country. Some of these brands include Hotpoint, Thermador, Tappan, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Maytag, Kitchen Aid, SEARS, Roper, Whirlpool, Electrolux, ASKO, BOSCH, Dacor, ARS, White-Westinghouse, Admiral, LG, Viking, RUUD, Bryant, U-Line, Rheem, Trane, American Standard, Goodman, Comfortmaker, WOLF, and others.

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