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ice maker repairYour ice maker is a truly remarkable appliance. The machine keeps you supplies with ice cubes, half-cubes or chewable ice, depending on your preference. Ice makers are perfect in a wide array of circumstances. During special celebrations such as anniversaries and birthday parties, ice makers keep you and your guests supplied with all the ice they need to keep their beverages cold and refreshing. These appliances also make excellent accessories for office breakrooms and home bars. For folks who enjoy road trips or love to go camping, portable ice makers make the ideal companions. The machines also come in handy in food businesses that need ice to display salads, or nightclubs that serve lots of drinks and cocktails. If you’ve invested in a top quality ice maker and are doing the best to take good care of it, then the appliance should serve you efficiently for a long time. To get the most out of your appliance, you need to be on the lookout for defects and to address them at the first sign of trouble.

Top Ice Maker Repair Issues

While there are lots of ice maker brands in the market today, all of these appliances typically go through similar defects from time to time. Some of the commonest repair issues to watch out for include:

  • The ice maker is leaking water
  • The appliance fails to produce ice
  • Too little ice is produced
  • The appliance freezes over
  • The appliance makes discolored ice
  • You get malformed ice cubes
  • The ice tastes or smells bad
  • The ice maker is very noisy
  • The ice dispenser is defective
  • The internal lights are defective
  • The coolant leaks

While some of these defects may not seem serious, they should never be underrated. Electrical appliance problems can quickly get worse if not dealt with promptly. Besides, if your ice maker will not come on or produces no ice at all, then the machine isn’t useful at you anymore. Even when your ice maker can still make ice, never ignore any defects on the machine as they tend to compromise the energy efficiency of the appliance, causing a spike in your electricity bills. Fortunately, there’s always something you can do to get things back to perfect order.

What to Do When Your Ice Maker Malfunctions

The moment your ice maker has broken down, you can deal with the situation in two ways. Firstly, you can buy a new ice maker to replace the defective one. The biggest challenge with this approach, of course, is that it requires you to spend a lot of money that you may not have planned to spend. Besides, ice maker defects are almost always reparable and cost only a fraction of the amount of money buying a new appliance requires. That’s why seeking professional appliance repair technician when your ice maker is defective is the best course of action. You can contact us at Northridge Appliance Repair to troubleshoot and repair your ice maker.

Why Choose Us

Northridge Appliance Repair is your one-stop shop for any appliance repair and maintenance service needs you have. We are the premier appliance repair service provider in Northridge and its environs. From the beginning, we have consistently provided lasting repair solutions for a vast array of household and commercial appliances. We boast a large team of seasoned technicians, all of whom are EPA certified. No matter how bad the situation seems to you, you can count on us to restore your ice maker to perfect working condition in no time at all.

Our service delivery is legendary. We go above and beyond to repair your appliance as quickly as possible. Once you reach out to us, we immediately dispatch a member of our team to your doorstep to help you out. Once our expert has thoroughly assessed your ice maker, they provide an all-inclusive quote for the repair costs. You’ll notice that our rates are quite affordable. To make sure that your ice maker does not experience the same problem again, we usually use top quality replacement parts that come with a warranty.

Brands We Repair

Our technicians have what it takes to handle all the top appliance brands in the market, including Kitchen Aid, Hotpoint, Frigidaire, Amana Electrolux, Sub-Zero, Samsung, Admiral, LG, Viking, Roper, SEARS, Maytag, Whirlpool, White-Westinghouse ARS, Thermador, WOLF, Rheem, and many others.

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